New Formula 1 Simulator

We now have the only 6 DOF Formula 1 simulator in Ireland available for hire. This gear imitates the exceptional driving position and experience of a F1 car. This is not a toy, but exceedingly sophisticated recreation of reality. The mentioned system is just spectacular due to the licenced Ferrari imitation steering wheel and state of the fine F1 simulation software. Our triple high resolution 27’LG Full HD screens create crystal clear pictures which will surely stun you whereas the surrounding speaker systems give you the real touch of the sounds.


This is the perfect tool to use at your following corporate, business, team building event or exhibition/trade show to create fabulous atmosphere and allure people to gather numerously to visit your stand thus presenting your business as the superb attraction. Our astonishing simulators are among the furthermost exceptional accessible in the world. Each simulator is set on 6 actuators for that reason you are guaranteed to experience the excitement of driving in an actual race car. Organization of a professionally trained integration trip, theme party or company picnic is the finest investment in the employees and the company itself. Optional simulator branding package available hence the setup looks like you own it!

F1 Simulator specifications:

  • 3 x 27′ LG FullHD monitor system
  • Professional F1 steering wheel and pedals with force feedback
  • Cockpit designed for a height of 190 cm
  • Formula 1 Playseat
  • Original rims and wheels
  • A program, that perfectly reflects the ride on the track
  • Surround Sound
  • weight: 350 kg.
  • space required : 2,5 m wide x 3,8 m long x 2,5m high
  • power supply: three phase 3x220V
  • motion platform: 6DOF (six degrees of freedom)

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Virtual Reality – New Oculus Rift Hire Package

Prepare for the following September! In two months time we will have the brand new OCULUS RIFT CV1 Virtual Reality available for hire. Just released in the US, this is exceptionally innovative technology. Obviously, you have the confidence that the product itself is of great class as Facebook “swallowed” it for a staggering sum of 2 billion $ and one can be sure the powerful enterprise recognizes outstanding technology and follow its direction.

Oculus Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality Hire Package is designed to attract people to gather numerously to visit your exhibition stand and make your stand the paramount at the show. Additionally, it is evident people undoubtedly will be having conversation about your trademark long after the show ends.
The Oculus Rift CV1 Package includes the headset, seat, spectating screen, sensor, PC and the operator who will have lots of interaction with show attendees and consequently create multiple opportunities to make new contacts. Interestingly, there is lots of content to select from: Eagle Flight, Apollo 11 space, the Grand Canyon, Climbing, the list goes on. This will allow Your company to stand out from the crowd. Please contact us for more info.