Event Hire


  1. F1 simulator

Fans of fast driving can try their hand at the race track sitting behind the wheel of F1 car simulator which faithfully imitates the experience of driving a real one. Optionally, there is a possibility to connect our system with a virtual helmet DK2 Oculus 3D, therefore the breathtaking realism shall satisfy every professional driver as well as an amateur.

  1. Rally simulator

For Rally (WRC) supporters we have created the only simulator in Europe with two seats, giving the opportunity to drive with a co-driver and simultaneously communicate over the intercom. Imagine yourself as a racing driver, and feel every bump, turn, accelerate and drift. The choice of the optional connection to the 3D helmet will allow to transfer oneself to the interior of the car and guarantee extreme driving experience.

  1. Truck simulator

Truck simulator with a double seat is designed to be driven alone or with an instructor. It faithfully imitates the experience of driving a real truck. Extraordinarily solid construction and LED lighting both provide excellent aesthetics. This simulator is the only device of such a type which gives you an immersive virtual reality experience of becoming a real truck driver.

  1. Flight simulator

For lovers of flying simulators, we offer any model of aircraft, fighter, helicopter, spacecraft, and even Santa’s flying sleigh. Using special software, we provide our customers with an unforgettable experience of air journeys.